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Which schools should I apply to?

Your future starts with smart law school application and enrollment choices. We focus your attention on schools with observable relationships to where you want to work and what you want to do.

Our goal? To help you think like a lawyer about the costs and benefits of each school you consider.

Location, location, location!

Most schools function in local markets, so national comparisons are irrelevant for many prospective students. 2 in 3 employed graduates don't leave their school's state for their first job.

» Find law schools by where graduates find jobs

» Why the U.S. News rankings are worse than useless

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Custom Scores: Create customized scores based on the jobs that matter to you.

Financial Planning: Create financial worksheets for the schools you're considering.

Custom Reports: Select factors that matter to you to compare on any state or national report.

Compare Schools Head-to-Head

Choose up to 4 schools to compare on pre-selected admissions, employment, and cost information.

Transparency at U.S. Law Schools

Learn about efforts to make law schools more transparent.

You've Got Questions

Attending law school is a life-changing decision. Our site is designed to give you the space to consider important questions that may lead to uncomfortable answers.

We also help you find data-driven answers to less existential questions: Where should you apply? Can you get in? What will it cost? What jobs or salaries do graduates tend to get?

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Open Data. Open Access. Confident Choices.

We can't help answer every question, but our data are second to none. We organize data so you can see the big picture and, if you choose, the fine detail.

Here are just some data we provide you:

  • Admissions: LSAT, GPA, scholarships, enrollment size
  • Jobs: location, required professional credentials, employer type, salaries, job offer timing and source
  • Costs: projected tuition and debt payments based on past inflation and the current federal student loan program
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