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Class of 2015 Graduates: 336
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Basic Information
State Score Reports
New York (80.7% of 2015 grads)
Brooklyn, NY (Private)
Entering Class Admissions Data
Fall 20151521551583.113.363.59394
Fall 20141531561593.053.313.53399
Fall 20131571591613.163.43.63368
Fall 20121581611643.083.333.5365
Fall 20111601631653.193.363.54390
Fall 20101621631653.243.453.66486
Enrollment Trends?

The shaded blue area shows the distribution of scores for all people who took the LSAT during the last three years. The bars show the "interquartile range" of scores for first-year students enrolled to this particular school. The left end of each bar represents the 25th percentile of scores for that school, while the right end of the bar indicates the 75th percentile score at that school. The median LSAT score is represented by a small box.

We show 6 bars for the school, corresponding to the 6 most recent entering classes. Compare these bars to see whether the school's admission standards, as measured by LSAT scores, have changed over the last 6 years.

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