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Last Updated: April 3, 2014

While the ABA requires schools to collect certain data about post-graduation employment outcomes, almost every ABA-approved law schools collects additional data about employed graduates. These schools report data for the following job traunches to NALP. They also report salary data to NALP. NALP then produces a "NALP Report" for each of these schools. The employment data contained in the report are valuable to prospective students and not available elsewhere. There is no cost associated with publishing the NALP report because it is ready-to-publish out of the box.

Job Traunch: Job Offer Timing

Categorizes employed graduates by when each graduate received the offer for the job held as of February following graduation. The options are before graduation, between graduation and bar results, after bar results, and unknown.

Job Traunch: Job Source

Categorizes employed graduates by how each graduate first made the contact that resulted in his or her obtaining the job. Some students enter law school expecting career services to hand them a job, while many others think the jobs to be funneled in through the school, particularly at on-campus interviews. Even before the economy crashed, many graduates found their jobs without the direct help of career services, either through connections or other self-initiated contact. When data are unavailable for a graduate, s/he is marked as unknown.

Job Traunch: Search Status

Categorizes employed graduates by whether each graduate continues to look for a new job, despite already being employed. The options are seeking, not seeking, and unknown.

Job Traunch: Location (Region)

Categorizes employed graduates by the region in which their jobs are located. The possible regions are New England, Mid-Atlantic, East North Central, West North Central, South Atlantic, East South Central, West South Central, Mountain, Pacific, U.S. Territories, Foreign, and unknown.

Job Traunch: Location (In-State)

Categorizes employed graduates by whether their jobs are located in the state in which the law school is located. The three options are in-state, out-of-state, and unknown.

Salary Information

Schools can provide salary information for any job traunch, but usually only provide it for graduates reporting a salary for long-term, full-time jobs in the following categories:

All Employed


Employer Type

Location (Region)

Location (In-State/Out-of-State)

Splits graduate salaries into two categories: those employed (and reporting a salary) in the state where the law school is located and those employed (and reporting a salary) in other states/countries.


Splits graduate salaries into two categories: those employed (and reporting sa alary) in the private sector and those employed (and reporting a salary) in the public sector. The private sector includes jobs at law firms and in business & industry. The public sector includes jobs in education, public interest, government, and judicial chambers (clerkships).

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