Washington and Lee University Profile

Published Cost of Attendance2013 - 2014 Academic Year
Tuition & Fees: $44,707
Cost of Living:Location: Lexington, VAIncludes books and living expenses$21,003

The average rate of increase for tuition & fees at Washington and Lee University over the last 5 years is 4.1% per year.

Hypothetical Price Discount Table

Interest Rates
Treasury Rate:
Stafford Rate:
Grad PLUS Rate:
Cost Inflation
Cost of Living:
Price Starting Points
Cost of Living:

The following table uses the above assumptions to estimate debt under various scenarios. These figures reflect no early loan payments, the standard six-month grace period post-graduation, and interest. We assume scholarship amounts remain constant and do not scale with tuition increases.? We do, however, assume that the percent under the school's estimated cost of living scales with annual increases. To personalize your estimates, you must register an account.

Hover over a debt-financed price to see monthly payments and cumulative payments over the life of the loans.

Debt at Repayment (Full Time)

0%$0/year 5%$2,327/year 10%$4,654/year 25%$11,635/year 50%$23,270/year 100%$46,540/year
0%$21,423 $252,456 $243,972 $235,489 $210,034 $167,613 $82,771
5%$20,352 $248,477 $239,993 $231,508 $206,055 $163,633 $78,799
10%$19,281 $244,496 $236,013 $227,527 $202,074 $159,654 $74,889
25%$16,067 $232,554 $224,070 $215,586 $190,132 $147,711 $63,298
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